Why The Caged Bird Sings

by Left For Dead

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released April 17, 2017

Recorded at Rocketbox Studios
Oct 2014 - Feb 2015
Artwork: www.plunkart.com
Photos: Mark Richards

On this release Left For Dead are
Simon: Guitar and vocals
Shane: Drums and vocals
Kieran: bass and vocals

Guest vocalists
Jenny (Inner Conflict)
Magali (La Fraction)



all rights reserved


Left For Dead London, UK

DIY, Anti-fa, melodic old school punk rock with an aggressive edge.

Simon: vocals guitar
Kieran: bass, vocals
Brendan: guitar vocals
Darran: drums


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Track Name: Clean The Streets
If you take the time to look at history
You’ll start to see the reason why

We can’t afford to feel complacency
We cannot let our voices die
The clouds are forming overhead again
The storm is coming to our streets

We can’t give way to this insanity

We can’t let history repeat

Let’s clean this shit up o the streets
We can’t let history repeat

No room for twisted narrow minds
No room for media shit and lies

If we give way to this insanity

We’ll start to see the rising tide

The rising tide of inhumanity

The hateful voices magnified

New prophets rising in the media

The brainwashed innocents subscribe
Then a world that’s built on fear and hate
We cant let history decide
Track Name: Constant Criticism
You won’t amount to nothing
You underachiever
You should act more like your brother or your sister
So tow the fucking line
And get your head right down
And show me a son of whom I should be proud

Constant criticism
Always coming back to me
Constant criticism
Made me feel like nobody

Now I had opinions of my own
But you were too fucking stubborn
To take them on board
You never made me feel like I could be myself
You always made me wish that I was somewhere else
Track Name: Why The Caged Bird Sings
The free bird leaps on the back of the wind
And floats downstream till the current ends
And dips his wings in the orange sun rays
And dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks down
His narrow cage
Can seldom see
Through his bars of rage
His wings are clipped and
His feet are tied
So he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with fearful trill
Of the things unknown but longed for still
And his tune is heard on the distant hill
For the caged bird sings of freedom

But a bird that stalks down
His narrow cage
Can seldom see
Through his bars of rage
His wings are clipped and
His feet are tied
So he opens his throat to sing.

L’oiseau en liberté pense à une autre brise
Aux doux alizées, aux arbres qui soupirent
Aux vers sur la rosée dans la lueur de l’aube
Et il dit que le ciel est son domaine
Mais un oiseau qui arpente sa cage étroite
Ne peut voir à travers les barreaux de sa rage
Ses ailes sont coupées, ses pattes sont liées
Alors il ouvre grand sa gorge pour chanter

It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’re born
It’s just the place that you began your journey through this life.
Track Name: One Man Riot
If you go to Hamburg there’s a place that we all know
In a place called Altona there’s a man who steals the show
Anarchy sign, tattooed head, that’s etched into his heart
If there’s a riot going on, he’ll be the first to show

He’s a one man riot
He ain’t never giving in
He’s a one man riot
He’s got a system to defeat
He’s a one man riot
And he hates the fucking pigs
He’s a one man riot
He ain’t never giving in
He’s never giving in

Antifascist anarchist he’s punk rock through and through
He ain’t no armchair dissident, not for the likes of you
On the streets of Hamburg, Copenhagen or anywhere
If there’s a riot going on, you’ll always find him there
Track Name: Rain On The Roof
Just another day in the factory
Just another week of brain dead monotony
But there’s another place I know I’d rather be
I’ve gotta get out of here, I’ve gotta get away

Wanna hear the rain up on the roof
Wanna know that I’m still alive
Wanna hear the rain up on the roof
And then I know I’m satisfied
I’m still alive

Just another day trying to pay the man
Just another week of trying to do the best I can
But in my heart I just can’t wait to get away
Gotta set my spirit free and save my sanity
Track Name: Burning Low
You`ve been running through the city for ages
Without destination and way to fast to
Get rid of your thoughts

The sun is coming up again
Not a bit of tiredness
Your heart its beating fast

Sleep, sleep
You just wanna fall asleep
But it does not let you go
It doesn’t let you go

Hours, days or weeks
These empty eyes
Fixing the kitchen table

They got most out of you
Now you’re fighting with the rest of you
Just to survive

She is gone the house is empty
Even if you try
you’ve got nothing more to give

Sometimes the darkness just descends
I feel the light inside is burning low
I cannot comprehend
How did I ever get to this?
How did I reach a stage where nothing seems to matter anymore?
I know this madness has to end
I need to find the time before I see the lights go out
And then my world can spin again
I’ll find the energy to learn and love and dream and hope
Track Name: Eugene Terrablanche Has Fucked Off
If I could only make your hatred go away
If I could wipe you out I wouldn’t hesitate
To pull on the trigger of a loaded gun
To watch you fall down and know your time has come

If I could take a walk back through history
I’d sterilize your mother so she couldn’t conceive
And then all the world would be a better place
With no room for you or your master race

Eugene Terrablanche just fuck off

If I had the power to punish you for your crimes
I would build a cross and have you crucified
And then all your victims could come and see
You hanging there dying in misery
And as you are dying you may contemplate
All of your crimes based on race fuelled hate
And as you reflect on your right wing cause
You will become just a rotten corpse
Track Name: No Compromise
You never listen to a word that’s ever said
Create your point of view by media
A lazy intellectual stance, you choose to take
It’s all worked out for you in black and white

You don’t listen, there’s no compromise
Not prepared to listen to the other side
You don’t think, you just think you do
So I say politely fuck you

You take as gospel truth the shit rammed down you throat
Maybe it’s easier for you that way
But I prefer to use the brain inside my head
And I will choose my own identity

You’re not prepared to listen to a single different point of view
So negative and full of hatred like a cancer eating you
You’ll never compromise; you know you’re right
Don’t have to think it through
If that’s the way you want to live your life
I pity you
Track Name: City Of Punk Rock
There’s a city where I love to go
A place I love because of friends
A place of punk rock, love and unity
A place the party never ends
Like going back to 1982
For them no other way of life
To live the punk rock way so clear and true
They’ll all be punks until they die

City of punk rock
City of hope

There’s a place a thousand miles away
A place that fills my heart with joy
A city of punk rock, love and unity
Each time it feels like coming home
They live their lives like UK ’82
For them no other way of life
The Mechov City drunken punk rock crew
They’ll all be punks until they die
Track Name: Dissappeared
Hunted down by governments and systems
persecuted out of existence
voices silenced in the night
identity removed no chance to fight

But people don't just dissapear
they have to be erased by systems that fear and despise them
too many lives are lived in fear
silent victims of greed and paranoia

Profit greed and political power
different orientation or different race
superstition hate and religion
too many reasons for their fate
Track Name: Walk Away
I only wanted to be happy in my life
But you always wanted me to make a sacrifice
You pushed too hard that I just couldn’t stay
I felt no option but to simply walk away

I often wish that I had spent more time with you
And after all the pain and heartache we went through
You pushed so hard that I just couldn’t stay
I felt no option; I felt no option but to walk away

I had to walk away

Now it’s been many years since you have passed away
I still think about you every single day
I know you cared for me I didn’t realize
I thought you hated me I never understood
But now I’m older I feel differently than then
I’ve grown from just a boy into an older man
But at the time I really felt I couldn’t stay
I felt no option ,I felt no option but to walk away